$143.00 - $273.00

2000 XL Compact Card Reader Flash Drive Kit - MCD


Get rid of that slow floppy or zip drive and up your storage space with this Compact Flash reader kit for the Akai MPC2000XL. One 1GB compact flash card is the equivalent to 711 floppy disks or 10 Zip100 disks.


These compact flash reader / writer kits come in black or white and replace the original Floppy or Zip drive in your MPC2000XL. They include a 4GB card and all cables to install. These drives take up to a 1GB compact flash card (can take more but will format down to 1GB).  The kit includes all you need to install into your MPC. These drives are NOT hot-swappable, this means you will have to turn off the MPC if you want to change to a new card. One 1GB compact flash card is the equivalent to 711 floppy disks or 10 Zip100 disks. 

You must install new MPC 2000 XL OS before installing the drive you can add to your order above (on zip or floppy).

Included Parts: (ASSYs)

  • Compact Flash Drive in Black or White (fits exactly in the MPC)
  • Data Ribbon Cable
  • Power Supply Cable
  • Fitment Screws
  • 4GB Compact Flash Card (will need to be formatted in the MPC, which will format it down to 1GB)
  • Installation Directions

**V1.20 OS on a floppy or zip disk is not included but is available as an upgrade by selecting above when ordering**


Black / White

1.20 OS On Floppy or Zip Disk

This Part will fit:

MPC2000XL (Blue and Beige Versions)

**Please note this part may fit other units, if you have fitment questions please email us at **

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Akai MPC2000XL OS V1.2

Alternate Part #s: 


Please Note:

SOME COMPACT FLASH CARDS WILL NOT WORK IN THIS DRIVE. Usually the older compact flash cards work the best. We have found that ones that operate at 15MB/S speed and below seem to always work. Keep in mind cards over 1.0GB will work sometimes but no matter what the MPC will have to format the card down to 1.0GB. Cards will need to be formatted in the MPC to use them. 

Click here for pictures of cards we have successfully used. Keep in mind there are many fake cards on eBay so be aware of counterfeits. You can always order the proper 2000XL cards here at 

THIS DRIVE IS NOT HOT-SWAPPABLE. So you will not be able to take the card out while the unit is on and change cards. When changing cards the unit will have to be turned off before changing. The unit must always start with a card in the slot.

THIS DRIVE NEEDS TO HAVE OS V1.20 INSTALLED BEFORE THE DRIVE IS INSTALLED. You can order the OS on floppy disk above or you can download it and put on a floppy yourself before installing the drive.

Installation Guides / Videos:

Installation video of the MCD Kit:

Please note this video shows installation of the of the OS after install of the drive, this is outdated and the OS needs to now be installed first. The power cable has also been changed since this video.