MPC Customizer

Click below for interactive MPC customizers from Save your designs to share with friends or send to our technicians to build it for you. Personalize colors for knobs, buttons, casings, LCD screens, logos, pads, skins and more. 

MPC Live Customizer


MPCX Customizer


MPC1000 Customizer

MPC1000 Customizer

MPC2000XL Customizer

MPC2000XL Customizer

MPC2500 Customizer

MPC 2500 Customizer

MPC5000 Customizer

MPC 5000 Customizer

MPC Studio Customizer

MPC Studio Customizer

MPC Renaissance Customizer

MPC Renaissance Customizer



Click for the MPC1000 / MPK61 / MPK88 and MPC500 / MPK25 / MPK49 (omit far right row) - Custom Multi Color Pad Set Customizer 


MPC Multi Color Pad Customizer



Click Here for the MPC2500, MPC2000XL and MPC5000 - Customizer 

Click Here for the MPC4000 and MPD18 - Customizer

Click Here for the MPD24, MPD26 and MPD32 Customizer

Click Here for the MPC60, MPC60II, MPC2000 and MPC3000 Customizer


MPC 808 Multi Color Pads

These customizers need Adobe Flash Plugin to work in your browser. These will not work on many mobile devices. If you have any questions about them please email us at