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The MPC4000 was introduced in 2002 as the the first Akai designed powerhouse MPC. The footprint and capability of the massive MPC4000 demanded immediate respect. With a whole line of new features including CD Rom, 512MB ram, Digital In/Out, and USB, the MPC4000 was widely accepted into the music industry. To this day you will find this unit in almost all professional studios. Like most of the older MPCs some of the parts can be hard to find, but at MPCstuff we try our best to maintain these units and continue to offer spare parts for them. We offer many things that can be found below. These parts include Custom Parts, LCD Screens, Buttons, PCB Boards, Casings, Faceplate Skins, Tutorials, Manuals, Sample Kits, Memory, Expansions, and much more. We offer many used parts that may not be found on our site. If you have any questions about these parts please email us. Return to our site as often as possible as we update it frequently with new parts and customizations. 

Operating Systems:

Akai 1.71


MPC4000 Customizer (Coming Soon)

User Manual:

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Installation Guides:

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