Akai MPC / MPD Glow in the Dark Thick Fat Pad Set ( Green )

Only normal style glow is available here - LIMITED EDITION Green Glow in the Dark thick fat pads for your Akai MPC series sampler. These pads are slightly translucent and glow in the dark. Complete pad set (no sensors).

This is an exclusive Akai MPC Thick Fat Pad Set in Glow in the dark. These pads are more than 50% thicker than the standard Akai pads.


If you are looking for a thicker, more sensitive pad set for your Akai MPC / MPD or MPK, we have the solution for you. The MPCstuff Thick Fat Pads are 50% thicker than the standard Akai pads. The also offer a softer overall shore hardness. The pads come with a full set of sensitivity Corx to increase the overall sensitively of your Akai unit.

Included Parts: (ASSYs)

  • Extra Sensitive Thick Pads
  • Pad Corx (set)


This Part will fit the following units:

Akai MPC60

Akai MPC3000

Akai MPC2000

Akai MPC2000XL

Akai MPC2500

Akai MPC4000

Akai MPC5000

Akai MPD 16

Akai MPD 24

Akai MPD 26

Akai MPD 18

Akai MPD 32

M Audio – Trigger Finger (with modification)

M Audio – Axiom (with modification)

 **Please note this part may fit other units, if you have fitment questions please email us at **

Please Note:

These pads are not the factory Akai parts. These parts are designed and engineered to function above the standards of the originals. This also enables us to offer a 90 Day limited warranty. If you have any questions please email us at

PLEASE NOTE: Like most glow in the dark items these must be "charged" in light for a bit before it will glow in the dark this process will have to be repeated for them to continue to glow for extended periods of time. The green color glows the brightest, the purple pads glow well also but the orange color does not glow as bright and long as the green or purple. See below... 

Installation Guides / Videos: