LED Slot Flat Black Play / Record Button For Akai MPC - B STOCK


This is a black plastic (not painted) Play Button to fit in place of your larger square buttons on your MPC (Play, Record, Erase, etc).  These buttons are flat black and have clear slots so the under LEDs can be seen through (see picture)


These will fit the following:

-MPC 4000

-MPC 1000

-MPC 2000

-MPC 2000XL

-MPC 2500

-MPC 5000

Please note: These buttons are discontinued as perfect, but we do have B stock so they may have some small slight scratches. If you have any questions about this please email us at 

**If you have any fitment questions, please email us at** 

**Please note: These buttons do not light up, they are just clear so the lights below shine through**