FINGER-DRUM BIBLE vol.1: 200+ Finger Drumming Patterns - House / Hip-Hop / Dancehall


Unlock the world of rhythm in a whole new way. The FINGER-DRUM
BIBLE Vol.1 is your key to mastering over 200 finger drumming
beats with 525 pages, across genres like House, Nero Soul, Trap, and more.

Why This Guide?

• Diverse Tabs: Dive into beats from Dancehall to Pop and beyond.
• For Everyone: Designed for both newbies and pros.
• Easy Learning: Demystify complex rhythms and replicate them
• Step Away from Screens: Physical format for flexible, on-the-go
• No Subscription Required: Finally a learning resource that isn't a

Experience the benefits: improved rhythm skills, enhanced musical
creativity, and the confidence to create your own captivating beats.

Begin your transformative rhythmic journey with the FINGER-DRUMMER
BIBLE Vol.1. Elevate your beats, elevate your skills.

What's inside?

Intuitive Tabs: Over 200 finger drumming tabs, crafted with precision.
They're not just rhythms; they're a language, and this book translates it for
QR Code Integration: For an interactive experience, scan the included QR
codes to access a sample audio clip of the scanned beat, bringing the
book's rhythm to life.
Fills: Seamlessly transition between rhythms with a set of 24 drum fills that
can be applied to any of the beats
Finger Pad Layout: A clear diagram illustrating exactly which sounds
should be used for each pad, designed thoughtfully to maximize access,
and ergonomics, for comfortable and precise play.

Included genres:
1. Hip-Hop
2. House
3. Dancehall
4. Jungle
5. Dance
6. Slow Pop
7. Pop, Trap
8. Two Step
9. Urban
10. Minimal
11. Neo Soul
12. Nero Funk
13. Halfstep