Akai MPC / MPD Pad Corx Sensitivity Upgrade Kit Corks


Do your MPC or MPD pads just not feel sensitive enough? Here is the solution from!

Our Pad Corx Sensitivity Upgrade Kit V2 comes with a complete set of 16 Pad Corx for your Akai MPD or MPC. These Pad Corx have adhesive bottoms to make install a breeze. They are also easily removable if you dont wish to use them anymore with no mess.

New V2 Version: The new V2 Corx are made to be an extension of your pad. We have made them with the same rubber synthetic material as our thick pads. The V2 corx also utilize a stronger adhesive to prevent them from coming off the pads after heavy use. The V2 Corx are black rather than the wood color of the originals. The V2 corx perform just as well as the orignal V1 wood colored corx and excel with easier install, better adhesive and smooth touch sensor surface. They are red, so if you have clear pads you can slightly see the red from the top.

These Pad Corx will fit the following: all Akai MPD series and MPC 4000 , MPC 5000 , MPC 2000 , MPC 2000XL , MPC 2500, MPC 3000 and MPC 60. Certain models work better with the thinner corx so please select what MPC or MPD model you are installing in above so you get the correct corx for your MPC. Our Pad Corx use the original design of the MPC pads by utilizing the round pad triggers that have graced the MPC since it's inception. We also have these for the MPKs & MPC 500 and the MPC 1000 !


Pad Corx Install...