Akai MPC 2500 Q Link Slider PCB Board - V2 Upgraded Tacts

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This is an MPCstuff Akai MPC 2500 slider PCB board. Fix your MPC today! These new V2 style boards offer upgraded tact switches that have a click feeling when pressed for better workflow. 

Please note: The original Akai rotary pot is discontinued. The new replacement rotary on these boards will move a bit more aggressively than the original POT. At top dead center it will only be at 35% and then go to 100% from that point. It still operates as it should however will have a different feel and at top dead center will not be at exactly 50% like the original

You can select to have the BLUE LED lights installed for an extra $45.00. This can be done next to the add to cart button.  If you want a different color LED other than BLUE installed please contact us via email at [email protected]

The LEDs look like this... CLICK HERE

Please Note: The custom LEDs may take a few days to install and for the item to ship out.