Akai MPC 4000 Wood Side Panel End Cap Kit


Akai MPC 4000 real 3 piece wood Side Panel Kit

This kit is made to fit the Akai MPC4000 and is made of real stained wood. This wood can also be sanded and retained to any color you wish.  You must remove your old plastic panels and install this kit.

This kit utilizes screws to hold the front handrest down the rest of it is held down with pre installed 3M industrial strength adhesive strips (same kind that are used to hold vehicle parts other words, they are STRONG) which allow the side cheek panels to be free of any screw holes and fit snugly without worry of them breaking off.  It also allows for optimum maneuverability when installing the panels.  They are also removable and your MPC can be converted back to its original state.

PLEASE NOTE: These are handmade items and you may have to maneuver them a little bit to get the best fitment on your MPC since at times some MPCs may have small bend in their cases that differ from MPC to MPC. If you have any install questions please contact us at