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Akai MPC2500 - Custom Painted Pearl White Casing - USED


This is a custom unit built by Bruce Forat. The casing is pearl white. This is not a skin its custom painted. -Custom Forat Casing (Pearl White) -Custom Painted Knobs and Buttons (as pictured)
-Blue LCD Screen
-128 MB Ram Upgrade
-CDM25 CD/DVD RW Drive
-Blue backlit LEDs
-1GB Compact Flash Card
-40 GB Hard Drive

Warranty: 90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty from (Refurbished Used Units) 90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty from / 1 Year Akai Warranty (New Units) THE PLATINUM-HIT PRODUCER MPC2500 has set the industry benchmark for beat production. It features a 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with up to 128MB RAM and extensive editing capabilities. Designed for professional music-production environments as well as DJs and other live performers, MPC2500 features a time-tested drum-pad surface, twin on-board effects processors, four Q-Link controllers for real-time control, 10 analog outputs, and a S/PDIF digital output. MPC2500 sports a 100,000-note, 64-track sequencer that can be assigned to four different MIDI outputs for a total of 64 independently addressable MIDI channels. Internal sounds reside in flash memory and can easily be swapped out via Compact Flash cards, an optional hard drive, or an optional CD-ROM drive. A CF card with preloaded sounds is included to get you started. 32-voice drum/phrase sampler with 16MB memory built in, expandable up to 128MB RAM Two on-board effects processors and a main output-effects processorTwo assignable Q-link sliders and two Q-link knobs for real-time performance control 240 x 64 hinged, backlit LCD USB port for computer connectivity Built-in analog and digital I/O, headphone output, and two MIDI ins / four MIDI outs Chop-shop slices a loop into individual samples with automatic pad assignment Patched phrase synchronizes phrase samples to any tempo without changing pitch Continuous sample track records long audio tracks into a sequence Outputs can be re-sampled Audio input can be controlled with Q-links for real-time control Ten analog outputs, stereo digital I/O Optional accessories include 128MB Ram Expansion (EXM128), CD ROM Installation Kit (including CD ROM Drive) (CD-M25) Storage: Compact Flash: Type-II, support up to 2GB card Hard Drive (optional): any standard IDE 2.5" hard drive Memory: 16MB installed Can be expanded to 128MB with EXM-128 Analog Input/Output: (2) Balanced 1/4" Inputs (10) Balanced 1/4" Outputs [Stereo L/R + 8 Assignable Outs] (1) Headphone Output Digital Input/Output: (1) Coaxial S/PDIF Input [RCA] (1) Coaxial S/PDIF Output [RCA] MIDI Input/Output: (2) MIDI Input [5-pin DIN] (4) MIDI Output [5-pin DIN] Other Input/Output: (2) 1/4" Footswitch (1) USB [Slave only] Levels: Analog Input = +10dBu Analog Output = +17dBu [Stereo & Assignable Outs] Sampler Resolution: 16bit/44.1kHz Sampler Recording Time: 136sec [16MB/MONO] 24min 28sec [128MB/MONO] Sequencer Details: 100,000 notes resolving at 96ppq 99 Sequences with total 64 tracks per seq 20 Songs with total 250 steps per song Pad Details: 16 (velocity and pressure sensitive) 4 Pad Banks [A, B, C, D] Synchronization: MIDI Time Code (MTC), MIDI Clock Power Options: 100v - 240v 50/60Hz 70W Dimensions (W x H x D): 16.33"å x 3.68"å x 13.10"å 415mm x 93.5mm x 332.9mm Weight (net): 13.5 lbs / 6.15 kg (excluding drives and options) Data Compatibility: MPC1000 SEQ, WAV, PGM MPC2000/2000XL SEQ (saved as MID file only), WAV, SND, PGM (Most parameters of PGM file can be loaded.) MPC2500 SEQ, WAV, PGM MPC4000 SEQ (saved as MID file only), WAV, AKP (DRUM program only...No Keygroups. Only note assign and tune are loaded.) MPC3000 SND (THRU Computer) Z4/Z8 WAV, PGM (DRUM program only. Only note assign and tune are loaded.) S5000/6000 WAV only (THRU Computer) S1000/3000 No compatibility

PLEASE NOTE:  All units (complete MPC/MPD/APC/Maschine units) are subject to a build lead time (this includes, but is not limited to, customization and testing.) All units have a 90 day parts and labor warranty. If any manufacturing/build issues arise with the unit during this time period the unit will be repaired free of charge. We do not accept returns on any full units. Units are non-refundable.

90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty