Akai S900 / S950 LCD Screen Display Replacement


Akai S900 / S950 LCD Screen Display Replacement

Display kits especially for the legendary Akai S900 and S950 samplers. These brand new LCD displays use the latest FSTN and FFSTN technology for superb contrast, and high brightness LED backlighting for great brightness and visibility in all lighting conditions. And they are easy on the eye, comfortable to view even for extended periods.
This is a complete replacement display kit for your sampler, and not just a backlight.

You just need a screwdriver with Philips head to open your sampler and install the new display. You do not need to solder anything. A pair of pliers with a long nose is also helpful but not essential.

The kit includes:
Akai-ready custom display with power cable, completely ready to be fitted and plugged in