Beat Making on the MPC2000XL e-Book


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A 250 page PDF e-book containing tutorials, tips, tricks, articles, FAQs and sounds for the Akai MPC2000XL, with over 750 samples and MPC files included. MusicTech Magazine 'Choice' Award Winner (8/10)

Discover the true musical and percussive abilities of your MPC: Discover how to create phatter sounding beats, make thicker & grimier drums, learn expert sequencing tricks and flip your samples just like the pros Learn how to completely change the groove and feel of sampled drum breaks, create your own unique drum kits, and build your own breakbeats that sound just like a real drummer Uncover the secrets of MPC multisampling, turn your MPC into a virtual bass guitar or piano and create your own instrument loops and riffs Find out how to build complete beat & songs, record to multitrack equipment, and use effects correctly when creating master recordings for record label demos. There's 50 tutorials in total, each one expertly written in a clear, easy to follow style assuming no prior technical knowledge whatsoever, all covering 'real world', practical situations. Download the chapter listing to see a summary of all the areas covered. Currently in its third revision, this book still stands as the only comprehensive written work on the Akai MPC series.

In addition to these 400 tutorial files, we also include 350 free drum samples and breaks for you to practice your new found beat making skills on. This book is suitable for all levels of expertise -Available instantly after purchase. Technical Specification: Contents: 250 page PDF ebook with over 400 example MPC samples, PGMs and MID files, plus 300 bonus drums and breaks Format: PDF & MPC2000XL (Digital Download) Compatibility: MPC2000XL OS 1.10 or greater (suitable for both blue and grey models) Author: Andy Avgousti ('MPC-Tutor') Download Size: 51MB Delivery: Instant