Deconstructed Rhythm - Inspired By J Dilla - MPC Sample Kit


J Dilla was one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time , a brilliant mind who inspired a generation of beat junkies. ‘Deconstructed Rhythm’ is our tribute to the drum sound of Dilla, featuring 496 brand new and original drum samples inspired by his production style and split over an extensive drum library and 20 ready-made MPC drum kits.

Section one contains a drum library of 336 original kicks, snares, hats and percussion samples, separated into folders and laid out into MPC program files. Heavily influenced by the drum production style on albums such as Ruff Draft, Donuts, Champion Sound and The Shining, we’ve created a unique collection of hip hop drum sounds which combine both modern and classic production techniques utilising extensive layering, creative EQ, and dynamic processing. To complete the sound, we cut everything to vinyl  and re-sampled, giving a warm vintage crunch to all samples.

The Dilla influence continues into the second part of the pack, with a further 160 unique drum samples organised into 20 drum kits. Each kit contains 8 perfectly matched drum and percussion sounds: kick, snare, closed hat, open hat, clap, shaker/cabasa, crash cymbal and a ride cymbal - all sounds are laid out identically over the bottom two rows of MPC pads (using a modified GM assignment), with panning, volume levels and velocity sensitive program parameters set up for you, giving you true ‘performance’ drum kits.  

'Deconstructed Rhythm' is a real labour of love - a unique and fresh drum collection that tips its hat respectfully to one of hip hop’s greatest musical alchemists. - compatible with all models of MPC, including the MPC Renaissance and all versions of JJOS.

*Please Note: 'Deconstructed Rhythm' contains sounds entirely created by which were inspired by the production style of J Dilla. This product is in no way endorsed nor affiliated with the J Dilla Estate.

Technical Specification:
  • Samples: 496 samples. Drum Library: 96 kick, 96 snare, 96 hat and 48 percussion samples. Drum Kits: 20 kits each with 8 samples per kit (20 x kicks, snares, closed hat + open hat, crash, ride, claps, shaker)
  • Format: Contains WAV and MPC SND versions of all sounds and PGM files that auto-assign the sounds across the pads.
  • Compatibility: All MPC models, all versions of JJOS, NI Maschine and any software sampler and DAW.  
  • Sound Design/Publisher: Eddie Bazil
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: available instantly via email
  • Price: $39.99