EB 16 Effects Board for Akai MPC 2000 and 2000 XL FX


Akai MPC 2000 and 2000 XL EB16 Effects FX board.

Also works with the S3000XL and the S2000 units. The multi-effects channels provide distortion, EQ, ring modulation, a choice of modulation effects that includes chorus, phasing, flanging, pitch shifting, and rotary speaker emulation, as well as echo/delay and reverb. The reverb-only channels add 2 additional reverbs for a total of 4 independent reverbs. All EB16 effects are extensively editable and custom multi-effects configurations can be stored in 50 effect presets. An additional 50 presets are reserved just for reverbs.

Although the EB16 can add spectacular effects to single programs, its true power becomes evident when it is used in Multi Mode. Here it is configured as four processors, each with its own effects bus. Each Multi Mode Part can be routed, with its own independent send level, to one of the processors. In this way, an entire multitimbral composition, complete with mix and effects, can be executed entirely in the digital domain and routed through the digital outputs directly to DAT or to an Akai digital disk recorder.

Please Note: These EB16 units are used.