Full Black Out Button Knob Kit w/ Casings - Akai MPC1000


Full Black Out Button Knob Kit with black casing kit - Akai MPC1000 

Includes full button kit as pictured in black 

  • All push buttons, smoke and black.
  • Thick Fat Pads
  • Jog Wheel (Short or Tall Version)
  • Front Black 3D Printed Memory card slot
  • Q Link Slider Knobs
  • Volume and Record Vol Knobs
  • Black Casing
  • Black Front Panel (This is a used original that has been repainted black, the color may not 100% match the new top plate) 
  • Black Side Panels
  • Black LCD Window

VERY IMPORTANT: If your MPC1000 does not have the pad upgrade kit you will not be able to install the thick fat pads. Click here to watch a video on how to identify if you have the upgrade already or not - - if you do not have the pad upgrade you can add it by clicking the check above the "add to cart" above.