Mixtape Toolbox


***PLEASE NOTE: THIS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHYSICAL COPY. Mixtape Toolbox is the latest and freshest Hip Hop drum library from, packed with 744 hot Hip Hop and RnB drum & percussion sounds. Inside youâåÛ™ll find 192 snares, 192 hats, 192 kicks, 96 claps, 36 shakers and 36 cabasa, packed with complex layering, ultra-tight editing and organic post production through vintage gear such as the Fairchild 660, Urie 1176, Chiswick Reach and the Pheonix Compressor, giving essential warmth and bite to all sounds. The 744 samples are organised into folders containing each instrument type - weâåÛ™ve also included MPC program files for quick and easy sound audition. Drop the the sounds directly into your beats or use as the building blocks for your own unique sound! Whether you make blunted beats or powerful club bangers, Mixtape Toolbox gives you the drums you need to effortlessly create stunning, modern Hip Hop & RnB productions. Check out the demos, including 14 FREE sounds taken directly from the pack.