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MPC 1000 Right Side PCB Board w/ Volume and Jog - UPGRADED

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This is a replacement MPCstuff PCB board for your Akai MPC 1000 including all pre-soldered switches including volume potentiometers , buttons and upgraded metal jog wheel. Our boards boast high quality clicking tact switches. These switches give more feel on the unit when deep into workflow. No more presses wondering if the switch was triggered.

These boards have the upgraded metal jog wheel encoder. The original design used an ALL plastic encoder and the newly upgraded ones now have a metal base design. If you decide for the upgraded METAL style: When installing on most older units you will most likely need to upgrade your OS to the newest Akai OS so the jog wheel operates perfectly. JJ OS is always recommended. 

If you have any questions please email us at and we can further explain.

Perfect for broken jog wheels, volume/record pots, and button switches. 

You can select to have the BLUE LED lights installed for an extra $65.00. This can be done next to the add to cart button. If you want a different color LED other than BLUE installed please contact us via email at The LEDs look like this... CLICK HERE 

Please Note: The custom LEDs may take a few days to install and for the item to ship out. Pictures show different encoder types based on what you buy. Please make sure to look at the pictures. 

Please Note: When installing you may need to move the PCB around a bit to get centered properly depending on the units build. The MPC1000s had many different build factories. If you have any questions please email us. Generally we find older units you will have to pull the PCB towards top left more than centered so jog wheel clears best. Also, The record volume encoder reacts a bit differently from the original. The original parts are no longer able to be sourced. The range is not as broad, so each increment turns up quite a bit more after you hit the halfway mark. Before halfway, the range is limited to the original input. For most this is not an issue as you can control your input volume. The MAIN Volume POT goes 0 - Full Volume in a half turn. A few tact switches on the boards are slightly positioned to the left which is not any issue with the boards functioning properly. However it looks different. This was not intentional in production, however as a small business we did not have resources to remake all the boards to make them identical. Any questions just shoot us an email at

90 Day Warranty