$51.50 - $88.00

MPC Drum Sample Kit - BOONIE MAYFIELD KIT pt.1

BOONIE MAYFIELD KIT pt.1 Styles: Hip-Hop, Rap, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, Neo Soul, R&B, Funk etc. 350+ Samples: Drums, Percussions, FX Format: WAV 44.1khz @ 16 bit The Boonie Mayfield Kit contains over 350 high quality sounds that'll get any producer/beat-maker's creativity flowing. All sounds are in WAV format, and are compatible with every software/hardware system. This instant download folder packs a variety of drums ranging from; warm/deep hard-hitting kicks, tight and crisp snares, crunchy & natural claps/snaps, dirty AND clean hi-hats, crashes, toms, tambourines and misc. filler sounds. Whether you want to take it back the the essence with a dirty/grimey vibeÌ´Ìä or experiment with a more modern clean and bright feelÌ´Ìä all can be achieved with the use of these hot sounds. Get the Boonie Mayfield kit now and continue to create and HAVE FUN!!!