MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio: Sampling Laid Bare (1.8 Edition) - Guide


MPC: Sampling Laid Bare’ (6th Edition) focuses entirely on teaching practical and creative sound design, sample editing and program construction within the MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio, providing 352 pages of incredibly in-depth, hands-on tutorials for the MPC Software on a range of sample-based MPC workflow topics including:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all chopping features, including destructive & non-destructive techniques
  • A 'speed chopping' workflow guide
  • Practical uses of all program parameters including envelopes, filters, LFO, layers, mutes & the new pad start/end/offset parameters
  • Sample recording and resampling techniques
  • Creative sample editing and sound design
  • Using internal and VST effects as sound design tools
  • Advanced drum layering examples
  • Looping breaks and instrument samples
  • Building velocity sensitive finger drumming kits from chopped drum multisamples
  • Creating realistic instrument emulations including a complete grand piano keygroup program
  • Creating your own chord progressions and melodies with Pad Perform mode

Plus many useful tips and tricks and troubleshooting common problems

MPC: Sampling Laid Bare’ was written by MPC-Tutor. It follows his familiar step-by-step approach where each topic and concept is explained in detail using practical, hands-on examples to show how everything is actually used in day-to-day music production. Each tutorial contains clear screenshots from both the LCD and the computer environment and also includes all the MPC project files you need to recreate every tutorial within your MPC as you read along.

Intuitively structured, completely jargon free and immensely inspirational, ‘MPC: Sampling Laid Bare’is the essential book for anyone looking to master the art of sampling and program editing in the MPC Renaissance and MPC Studio.

This is not a physical product, it will be emailed to you.

Digital eBook Bundle Now Included! As well as all the improvements to the book content, 'Sampling: Laid Bare' now includes EPUB and MOBI versions of the book, fully optimised for reading in iOS (iPad & iPhone), all tablets(Android, Windows etc), smartphones and dedicatedebook readers such as Kindle, Kobo & Nook - these versions are in addition to the 352 page PDF book (which is optimised for computer and laptop reading).

Technical Specification:
  • Contents: 352 page PDF ebook, EPUB & MOBI versions of the book, plus over 250 example tutorial files
  • Format: PDF, MPC Software project files & WAV files
  • Compatibility: MPC Renaissance or MPC Studio running MPC Software 1.8 or greater
  • Author: Andy Avgousti ('MPC-Tutor')
  • Delivery: available instantly via email
  • Price: $34.99