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Akai MPC 2000 / MPC 2000XL LCD Screen - V2 New Replacement

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These screens utilize Super-twisted nematic display technology for a nice crisp and bright display available in Vibrant blue and White/blue backlights. Unlike the original design these are made to last. 

These screens will fit in the MPC2000 or MPC2000XL. However, to make our screens work the best in both units, each unit uses its own firmware. So if you have an MPC2000 you will need one for the MPC2000 and if you have an MPC2000XL you need to order for the MPC2000XL. 

These screens can also be inverted by using a jumper pin. This inverted mode will make the background white with blue letters, see INVERTED picture. The jumper pins are not included, if you have any questions please email us at 

PLEASE NOTE: We do recommend that you have the newest OS systems for your unit for optimal operation. For the MPC2000XL that is 1.14 or 1.20 (MCD Drive) and for the MPC2000 its the 1.72 version. These screens have been extensively tested and work great. In testing we have noticed one small thing when loading extra long samples, the bar that says load will show only half when loading. This does not effect the usage at all and the bar is not something that needs to be fully shown anyway. Its only the screen that shows the bar half. The sample is fully loaded just the same. This does not effect anything with the unit other than a small visual change for a split second.

If you have an MPC2000 (Not XL) if you have the 8 outs glitching of the screen in sample modes can be apparent it will not change the audio or function but glitching can occur visually on the LCD. So we do not recommend the 8 outs installed on the MPC2000 (not XL) unless you are ok with the screen glitching visually. If you have any questions, please email us at


  • Vibrant Blue

What is included:

If you want your unit to look super fresh add one of our LCD covering windows to your buy clicking here and adding to your cart

If you have any install questions or fitment please contact us at 

Install Video: (MPC2000XL)

Install Video: (MPC2000)

90 Day Warranty

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