MPC2500 White Replacement Button Set Kit


More Durable and Better Looking. exclusive button bright white or Off White out kit for the Akai MPC2500. These buttons are molded white plastic, they are not painted. This kit includes all the smaller push buttons on your MPC2500. (click picture above to see buttons included) These buttons are also more durable than the original buttons. (see video below)

This Button kit includes:

 13 - Translucent clear buttons to replace all your clear buttons. These buttons are translucent so the LEDs still shine through. (Mode, Window, Pad Bank, etc)

9 - Bright White or Off White Medium Sized Buttons (Shift, Main, Etc)

21 - Bright White or Off White Small F1 Size Buttons (F1, Numeric, etc)

8 - Bright White or Off White Play Rec Sized Buttons (Play, Rec, etc)

Looking to complete the look and white out your whole unit? THE FOLLOWING BUTTONS / KNOBS ARE NOT INCLUDED in this kit but can be purchased by clicking them!

White Vol and Rec Gain Knobs
White Thick Pads
White Slider Knob
White LCD MPC2500

These buttons are also more durable than the originals - check out this video...


Installation is easy after removal of the casing seen here