The Source - MPC Instrument Expansion Kit


The Source is the largest MPC instrument expansion ever created with over 300 leads, pads, bass, keys, organs, plucks and strings for MPCs running MPC 2.4 or greater, suitable for all styles of electronic music including trap, lofi, hip hop and house.

All instruments are built using a combination of analog synth multisampling and subtractive synthesis for a great collection of rich & evolving instruments built using the MPC’s own native filters, LFO, envelopes and FX, all optimized for super-fast loading & minimal CPU.

Each instrument is pre-mapped chromatically for you so you can just load it and play – no need for any configuration or tweaking; simply load your chosen instruments and start playing chords, riffs and melodies on your pads or via an attached keyboard. Average program size is only 6MB, so there’s waiting around for any program to load and no latency when playing. All instruments are fully compatible with Pad Perform Mode and the arpeggiator.


We will send you an email with the download link within one business day.


Checkout the playlist below where we’ve put together a selection of the program previews for each category:


  • Disk Space Required For Installation: 1.5 GB
  • Compatible with MPC One, MPC X, MPC Live, MPC Live II, Akai Force, MPC Software, MPC Beats, MPC Studio, MPC Touch, MPC Renaissance