Thick Fat Pads Custom Color - Akai MPC Element / Fly

ELEMENT-PAD exclusive Akai MPC Element/Fly Thick Fat Pad Set in various colors. The pads allow light to pass through just like the originals. These pads are more than 50% thicker than the standard MPC Element/Fly pads and include a set of Pad Corx. These pads are also softer than the original MPC Element/Fly pads. For the ultimate look and feel, the MPCstuff thick pads are a must for any MPC Element/Fly owner.


These new style pad upgrade will provide a very stable thicker, softer pad for your MPC Element/Fly. They offer clear bottoms so they will allow light to go through them. The original MPC Element/Fly pads can be a bit thin and stale feeling, that is where the Thick Fat Pads excel. The pads are available in various colors including completely clear. For extra sensitivity you can install the included set of Pad Corx. If you want even more sensitivity you can double up the Corx and install a second (purchased separately) set. Please note when installing this the aluminum top plate has to be removed and will not be able to be reused. Please see below (under "Please Note" section) for more information

Included Parts:

  • Rubber Pad Set - Choose color above ( Red, White, Black, Blue, Original MPC Grey, All Clear) Pad Sensor Sheet
  • 1 set of Vinyl Pad Corx (2nd set is optional and costs extra)

Excluded Parts:

Aluminium Top Cover (will have to be removed for install, see install video)

This Part will fit:

 Akai MPC Element/Fly

**Please note this part may fit other units, if you have fitment questions please email us at **


Red , White , Blue , Black , Grey (original style MPC darker grey), All Clear

Please Note:

When installing the Thick Fat pads on the Element or Fly you will have to remove the metal faceplate. Once the faceplate is removed it will no longer be usable. This part will have to be scrapped and replaced. This part can be found here - You can also use a skin to cover the area - - Keep in mind the skins are a bit thinner than the aluminium top plate so it may show traces of what is under the skin. If you have any questions about this refer to the install video or email us at

These pads are not the factory Akai parts. These parts are designed and engineered to function above the standards of the originals factory pads. Please keep in mind pad feel can be a preference so the pad sensitivity settings may need to be adjusted to your overall preference.

Pads purchased from MPCstuff include a 90 day limited warranty. (if you have any questions about the warranty please contact us) 

Installation Guides / Videos:

Installation video Akai MPC Element/Fly (Studio) Thick Fat Pads:

90 Day Warranty

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