Vailixi Upgraded 3.50 OS EPROM Chip Set - Akai MPC3000


Vailixi Upgraded 3.50 OS EPROM Chip - Akai MPC3000 

These chips install in place of current EPROM chips.


The new chips improve/update the following.



Boot screen shows software revision.


System Information screen shows detailed info about memory availability and installed option function.


Program Load screen now features the function to clear entire sound allocation memory 


before loading new PGM, SND or SET files.


EDIT SND screen now features a TRUNC SFT+END function. 


This allows samples either side of the SOFT START and SOFT END points to be 


deleted in a single button push.


EDIT SND screen now features a COPY ZONE -> SND function. 


This allows samples defined within an edit ZONE to be transformed directly into


a new sound within memory from a single button push.


Define a ZONE start and end, COPY ZONE -> SND and a new SOUND will appear in memory.


The new SOUND created via this process will be auto named as "ZONE"


 with an incremental number appended for easy location within memory.


Samples can now be real-time edited and/or processed while the sequencer is playing or recording. 


The PROGRAM/SOUNDS screen now features a COMPRESSION option.


New timing correct/step size options: 1/128 and 1/192 timing correct OFF note value resolutions added.


1/4, 1/4TRPLT, 1/64, 1/64TRPLT timing correct note value resolutions added.


Swing is now available for 1/4, 1/4TRPLT, 1/8, 1/8TRPLT, 


1/16, 1/16TRPLT, 1/32, 1/32TRPLT,1/64, 1/64TRPLT.


MIDI CLOCK can be sent to all 4 MIDI output ports simultaneously. 


MIDI TIME CODE can be sent to all 4 MIDI output ports simultaneously.


Extra system parameter Menu. 


"SND playback stops on STOP" allows all samples playing to be halted 


when the sequencer is stopped from any running state.


"Enable transport more error warnings" allows blocking of sequence change 


attempts while the sequencer is running in record or record ready mode. 


"Stay in EDIT SND on PLAY/PLAY START" allows the sample editor screen 


to remain open when PLAY/PLAY START is pressed.


"Mute audio during EDIT SND processes" allow the audio to be muted when samples 


are being edited in real time with the sequencer running in PLAY or RECORD. 


"Stay in MIXER on PLAY/PLAY START" allows all mixer screens to remain 


open when PLAY/PLAY START is pressed. 


SCSI Disk menu now features a robust sector at a time disk copier.


Make SCSI Hard Disk Active Menu


Make SCSI Hard Disk Active menu now has the feature of enabling or 


disabling SCSI multi sector transfer mode. 


Make Hard Disk Active menu now has the feature of enabling or disabling SCSI 


bus reset messages between device selection attempts during the AUTO search for device phase. 


Format Hard Disk now has "Software Low Level Format" option.


Format Hard Disk now has a "Software Low Level Format" fallback mode 


that will activate where possible should the "Hardware Low Level Format" fail.


Option to now "Hybrid Partition" a SCSI hard disk. Hybrid partitions are safe 


cross platform types that can be seen by computers and the MPC3000 allowing computer access to all 


disk data for the purpose of rapid file transfer and sound library development. 


16.Large samples up to 32Mb in size can now be saved to disk in a single file. 


This useful feature allows you to now use your MPC3000 as a recorder for 


periods up to the length of it's entire 32Mb sample RAM space.


General Bugs Fixed


Corrected a bug known to exist since system 3.00 where function not 


implemented messages would be displayed when accessing certain menu options and soft keys.


The MPC3000 no longer displays these error messages. Menu options and soft


 keys concerned now function in the correct manner.


Corrected a bug known to exist since system 3.00 where audio outputs would 


remain in an un-muted or active state when loading or saving sounds from and to disk.


The MPC3000 audio outputs should now be a lot quieter when 


loading or saving sounds from and to disk.


Corrected a bug introduced in system 3.12 where incorrect error messages 


would be displayed when attempting to load the maximum number of SND files into memory via a PGM.


The MPC3000 now correctly reports that there are too many sounds


 in memory rather than incorrectly stating that sequencer memory is running low.


Corrected a bug known to exist since system 3.00 where sound memory 


management would become extremely unstable when recording a sample 


over 327.6/163.8 (STEREO/MONO) seconds in length.


32 Megabyte equipped machines can now utilize the full memory for sample recording purposes.


Fixed a bug present since version 3.00 that affected MIDI input processing 


and system stability when the SEQUENCER was in a STOPPED or IDLE state.


Intense and complex incoming MIDI message streams, particularly 


running status, multiple continuous controllers and heavy system 


exclusive dumps caused CPU overload when the 


SEQUENCER was in a STOPPED or IDLE state. 


The result of this would be missed, incorrect or stuck-on notes when passing 


MIDI events thru or recording into the SEQUENCER when started from a STOPPED or IDLE state.


 The MIDI processing engine now processes these messages in a more 


effective manner when the SEQUENCER is STOPPED or IDLE and protects against CPU overload.


Sequencer memory initialization at boot now updates default unused track flags to unused.


MIDI data input processing speed increased.Re-write of SCSI protocol engine to fix compatibility with recalcitrant storage devices.


Redundant functions removed