Wood Side Panel Tilt Stand - Akai MPCX - Walnut End Caps


Akai MPC-X Real Walnut Tilt Stand End Cap Cheeks

Give your MPC-X he classic look with these wood side panels with tilt setup made from real walnut. Walnut is the same wood used in high end Bentley and Rolls Royce dashboards!


Complete 2 piece real walnut WP-MPC-X wood panel kit along with 2 support dowels and rubber feet for traction on slick areas. This kit installs very easily and can be taken on and off very quickly These also have holes where you can install (not included) screws if you want to make them more permanently secure rather than being able to remove easily for transport. The tilt angle is approximately 15 degrees.


Included Parts: (ASSYs)

  • Left Side Wood Tilt Panel (Walnut)
  • Right Side Wood Tilt Panel (Walnut)
  • 6 - Support Brackets w/ Attached with screws
  • 5/64 Allen Wrench Key (for installation) 
  • 4 - Rubber Feet (optional, but included)

This Part will fit:


Please Note:

These wooden parts may have slight variations in color and due to the type of Walnut wood that is used some sides can look a bit different than each other. Being that they are wood, you must be careful to treat them properly. Please watch the install video shown below to insure that you are installing the panels properly. These are a DIY type mod so some work will be needed. If you need professional install please contact us at - Since the panels are wood you may see the slight variations and small flaws in the wood. If you have any questions about this please email us. 

Installation Guides / Videos:

Tools Needed For Install:

  • Phillips Screwdriver (preferably one long, and one stubby)
  • Power Drill (helpful, but optional
  • Allen Wrench Key (included)





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