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Akai APC40 Black Button Set Kit

BS-APC40-BK exclusive button black out kit for the Akai APC40. These buttons are molded black plastic, they are not painted. This kit includes all the plastic push buttons on your APC40 (not the rubber ones) These buttons are also more durable than the original buttons.
This kit includes:

- 4 black play buttons (play, stop, record, tap-tempo)
- 12 Smoke Grey/Black translucent clear buttons to replace your clear buttons. These buttons are translucent so the LEDs still shine through. (pan, send A, send B, send C, clip/track, device on/off, <-- arrow left, --> arrow right, detail view, rec. quantization, midi overdub, metronome)
- 3 black Medium Sized Buttons (shift, nudge -, nudge +)