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Akai MPC 4000 White - Used


This MPC 4000 is in good condition. Works perfectly inside and out. Any more questions let us know.

It is upgraded with:

  • 512MB Sample Ram 
  • Dustcover 
  • CD with Samples 
  • Instruction Manual
  • 90 Day MPCStuff Parts And Labor Warranty



Improved Akai MPC design * Established friendly and intuitive user interface of MPC series, now with large graphic LCD display * MPCslegendary "feel" and "groove", with 10 times more resolution for non-quantized live sequencing * Great-feeling, velocity and pressure sensitive pads for expressive programming, with more pad banks * Expanded Pattern-based and linear 300,000 notes, 128-track sequencer with 128 internal Parts and 64 external MIDI channels * 64-voice full-featured 24bit sampler (32-voice at 96kHz) with up to 512MB RAM Extensive connectivity * Two MIDI inputs and four MIDI outputs * Built-in USB and SCSI interface for external drives * USB Slave port for connection to a Windows or Mac OS computer with the free akSys sofware * Up to 10 analog outputs, and/or 10 digital outputs with optional IB-48P and IB-4ADT expansion boards * XLR and 1/4" stereo analog inputs and outputs with 24bit/96kHz AD/DA converter * Phono inputs with RIAA preamp for direct connection of a turntable * WordClock input for integration with other digital device * Flexible Master/Slave synchronization capabilities: MIDI clock, MTC, MMC and built-in SMPTE * Two assignable footswitch inputs Compatibility * Compatible with Akai, Roland and EMU CD-ROM libraries (programs and samples) * WAV file support, and MIDI File Type 0 and 1 support Extensive sound control * Extensive sample editing that includes cut and paste, timestretch, slice, resampling etc., with waveform display * Dynamic resonant multi-mode filters, 3 envelope generators and 2 LFOs for each of the 64 voices * Six Q-Link sliders and knobs for real-time control over a wide variety of dynamic changes * Internal 4-bus multi-FX processor Self-contained * Internal 80GB hard drive to store custom sound libraries and sequences * Onboard CD-RW drive to load CD-ROM libraries, sample Audio CDs, and backup personal data Sound Generator * Data format: 24bit and 16bit linear WAV * Sampling rate: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz * Memory: 272MB standard, expandable to 512MB with a 256MB 168pin DIMM (PC133/PC100, CL2) * Preset sound memory: 5MB Flash * Recording time: 51mn / 34mn (16/24 bit) mono @ 44.1kHz (272MB) * 96m n / 64mn (16/24 bit) mono @ 44.1kHz (512MB) * Polyphony: 64-voice (32-voice @ 96kHz) * Filters: 3 dynamic resonant 2-pole multimode filters per voice * Envelope generators: 2 multi-stage envelopes and 1 ADSR envelopes * LFOs: 2 multi-wave LFO * 64-point modulation matrix * Number of simultaneous active programs: up to 128 Parts per Multi, with automated Part mixer Effects * 4 simultaneous internal effects (2 @ 96kHz) * 51 effects types including reverbs, delays, chorus, phasers, flangers, 3-band parametric EQ, compressor/limiter, distortion, pitch shifter, wah, and more Sequencer * Capacity: 300,000 notes * Resolution: 960ppq * 128 Sequences * 128 Tracks per sequence * 64 MIDI output channels (16 channels x 4 output ports) * Song mode: 128 songs, 250 steps per song * MIDI Sync: Master/Slave, MIDI Clock, MTC, MMC * SMPTE Sync: Master/Slave * Step edit, Piano Roll edit, Drum Grid edit Drumpads * 16 velocity and pressure sensitive pads * 6 pad banks * 16 Levels: Velocity, Tuning * Automated Pad Mixer (Level, Pan and FX send) * Track Mute and Next Sequence features for live performance Q-Link * 2 sliders and 4 rotary knobs * Assignable to internal sampler controls: pitch, filter cutoff, resonance, LFO, attack, decay, and more * Assignable to internal effects parameters * Assignable to external Midi Controllers * Q-Link Sequence feature Connections * Record Input (L and R): XLR - 1/4"; jack combo x 2, balanced * Phono Input; RCA x 2 with RIAA EQ * Stereo Output (L and R): XLR x 2 and 1/4åÓ jack x 2, balanced * Individual Outputs: 1/4" jack x 8, balanced (option) * Headphone Output: 1/4" stereo jack x 1 * Multi-channel ADAT Digital I/O: Toslink optical x 2 (option) * MIDI: 2 x MIDI In and 4 x MIDI Out * SMPTE In/Out: 1/4" jack x 2, balanced * SCSI: 50pin high density connector * USB: USB: Host x 1, Slave x 1 (v1.1 / Mass Storage Class support) * Footswitches: 1/4" jack x 2

PLEASE NOTE:  All units (complete MPC/MPD/APC/Maschine units) are subject to a build lead time (this includes, but is not limited to, customization and testing.) All units have a 90 day parts and labor warranty. If any manufacturing/build issues arise with the unit during this time period the unit will be repaired free of charge. We do not accept returns on any full units. Units are non-refundable.

90 Day Parts and Labor Warranty