$55.55 - $61.00

Akai MPC 500 - MPK 25 /49 - Extra Sensitive Thick Fat Pad Set ( 808 / Custom Multi Color Style )

Will ship in approx 2-3 days after ordering.

50% exclusive Akai MPC 500 , MPK 25 and MPK 49 Extra Sensitive Thick Fat Pad Set in 3 seperate color sections 808 Style (White, Orange, Yellow, and White) or your custom selection ($10.00 extra) . These pads are more than 50% thicker than the standard Akai pads.

50% more sensitive...Not only do these pads have thicker top portions they also have extended sensors on the bottoms of them for the highest sensitivity available. There is no need to purchase corx for these pads because they are ALREADY built in.

These are the ultimate MPC / MPK pads. These will fit the MPC 500 , MPK 25 and MPK 49. 

Please Note: These pads are cut into 3 different sections, so it will not be one constant sheet. They no longer have the pegs that go into the pad tray. This will not cause any problems however you may find they will have a slightly different feel of movement. Please see our videos and pictures if you have any questions about this.

Click here to create your own custom pad color - You will need to screen shot this, after your order we will email you about getting your custom selection screen shot. For MPC500 / MPK25 / MPK49 you will not have the furthest right row so keep that in mind when selecting - you will only get the left 3 rows.





90 Day Warranty

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