null Offers new Pads, Knobs, Sliders, Jog Wheels and MPC1000 Hard Cases.

Posted by MPCstuff Staff on 10th Dec 2014

New Items from!

We are proud to offer these great new parts and accessories, only at, and in perfect time for the holidays.

New MPC Studio / Element Thick Pads! Do you want a truly custom look and feel for your MPC Studio? Then check out the exclusive Thick Pads for the MPC Studio and Element from These pads come in a variety of colors – choose from red, blue, white, gray, black or clear – but still offer the clear underside so the light can still shine through. These pads are thicker, softer, and offer a better feel when hit. These also include one set of Studio Pad Corx when you order, and you can choose to add an additional set of Corx to increase the sensitivity even more. Find them here -

New Colored Knobs and Sliders! Totally customize the look of your MPC 1000, MPC 2000, MPC 2000XL, MPC 2500, and MPC 5000, and yet keep the original feel, with the MPC colored knobs and sliders. These knobs and sliders are modeled after the original knobs and sliders, but come in a variety of colors. Choose from all black, red, blue, or white. These knobs are easily installed, and are a quick way to instantly give your unit a distinctive look. Find them here - and

New Style MPC 1000/MPC 500 Jog Wheels! Get the look and feel of an MPC 2000XL while using your MPC 1000 or MPC 500 with the new Thumb Hole style MPC 1000/MPC 500 jog data wheels. These all black knobs are exclusive to MPC Stuff with the Thumb Hole design to replicate the jog wheels on the MPC 2500. We have also made these in two different heights; get the Thumb Hole Black Jog Data Wheel for the original height feel of the MPC 1000 jog wheel, or go for the max with the XL Style Tall Black Jog Data Wheel. The XL gives you extra height on your jog wheel, making it easier to grip, and also offers the MPC 2000XL look with the thumbhole. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on one of these! and

New MPC 1000/MPC 500 Hard Case! Transport your MPC 1000 or MPC 500 in this sturdy, weatherproof travel case. This case offers the most in protection when you need to take your MPC 1000 or MPC 500 with you on the go. The inside has soft, cut-to-fit, removable cushioning, while the outer case has impact proof, yet lightweight plastic. Your unit will still be easily accessible with the easy release latches. It also keeps your unit safe while inside, with an option to lock it when your unit isn’t in use.

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