Clear Polycarbonate Plastic Dust Cover Overlay - Akai MPC Touch / Live


Clear Polycarbonate Plastic Dust Cover Overlay

This top cover fits perfectly over the top of the following units

  • Akai MPC Touch
  • Akai MPC Live

Custom made for the Akai MPC Touch and live. Durable polycarbonate shell protects your controller from damaging elements such as smoke, dust, liquids and impact. Precision trimmed for perfect fit while simultaneously accommodating cables, the MPC Touch can sit safely, plugged in, ready for operation. It slides straight into a flight case or controller so can be used with MPCstuff bags to hold the unit for transport. 

- Works with the Akai MPC Touch and MPC Live 
- Strong and protective, with a great clear look
- Made of polycarbonate, a plastic used in bullet proof glass
- Covers while cables remain connected so you do not have to unplug unit

*MPC Touch Pictured but not included

90 Day Warranty