MPC 1000 All White Metal Casing Complete Kit

No Exact ETA at this time - Email for more info

Want a custom all WHITE MPC 1000? Here it is. This is a ALL METAL white casing kit to convert your blue or black Akai MPC1000 casing. This is NOT a skin its a full metal case

Includes ONLY the following items

  • MPC 1000 White Outer Metal Faceplate Cover  MPC 1000 White Front Panel Cover 
  • 3 LED Glue Dots (not pictured)- These are used to glue the LED Windows in from your old case. 

This Kit does not include: Endcaps, LCD Window, Buttons, or Outer Memory Card surround. All sold separately for MPC 1000. The unit pictured shows an XLCD screen that is also not included


PLEASE NOTE: These cases are aftermarket and made by MPCstuff, not Akai Pro. Beacuse of the differences in MPC1000 units (date and manufacturer), you may see slight fitment differences from case to case. It will not effect the overall performance. This cases will fit all versions (blue and black) of the Akai MPC1000. Please note our cases are black with only white lettering (see picture) The kits come with 3 adhesive dots to re-glue the LED windows in the newer style casings with larger LED holes.

Install Video:



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