MPC 2000 or MPC 2000XL Plastic Front Panel ( White or Black ) 3D Print


Akai MPC2000XL or MPC2000 Front Panel in 3D Printed White or Black. They are 3d printed so you may have to adjust a little bit and to get fitment perfect but they still work and look good. Make sure to look at all pictures. If you sand them down and paint (see pictures) they will look better. 

PLEASE NOTE - MUST READ: This is a 3D Printed part. The technology of 3D printing is great, however it does not deliver a perfect looking product. As you can see in our pictures, 3d printing can create a rough look. These parts work and function great but just lack the perfect physical look. If you are looking for a replacement panel this will do the job. If you are looking for something perfect this is not for you, unless you plan to put some work into it. As you can see after spending some time sanding, priming and painting they can look a lot better does take some time. If you have any questions about this process please email us at and we can give you some pointers - See pictures below - Also note on some units the inside screws will not line up exactly, they are not needed for proper fitment. If you have any question please email us.