MPC 3000 Internal SCSI SD Card Reader Drive Kit


Looking for a modern storage solution for your iconic Akai MPC3000. External Zip drives are clunky and annoying. We have the perfect solution with the Hot-swappable MPC3000 Internal SCSI Compact Flash drive.


This kit is for the Akai MPC 3000. It includes the parts needed to install the Hot-Swappable SCSI Compact Flash card drive internally into the MPC 3000. This drive allows you to use more modern SD cards to hold your data in place of your floppy drive.

Included Parts: (ASSYs)

  • Hot-swappable SD Reader Drive
  • SCSI Connector Board
  • Data Connection Wires
  • Power Connection Wires
  • Install Blocks
  • Install Instructions
  • To add SD card with the drive select above near price (additional cost)

This Part will fit:

 MPC3000 , MPC3000LE

**Please note this part may fit other units, if you have fitment questions please email us at **

Related Downloads:

Akai 3.11 OS MPC3000

**Drive also works with Valixi 3.50 OS** 

Please Note:

The cards will have to be formatted to work. Some larger cards will not work to be formatted, please use smaller cards. 1GB and under cards tend to work the best in these drives. This part will replace your floppy drive. Both cannot be used. Pictures show CF cards, these take SD cards. 

Installation Guides / Videos:

Included with Purchase