MPC Renaissance / Studio / Live / Live II / Touch / X - Pad Corx Sensitivity Upgrade Kit (2 sets of 16)


Do your MPC Pads just not feel sensitive enough? Here is the solution from! Our Pad Corx Sensitivity Upgrade Kit comes with a complete set of 32 Pad Corx for your unit (2 sets). These Pad Corx have adhesive bottoms to make install a breeze.

These Pad Corx will fit the following:

  • MPC Renaissance
  • MPC Studio
  • MPC Studio Black
  • MPC Live
  • MPC Live II
  • MPC Touch
  • MPC X
  • MPD218
  • MPD226
  • MPD232


Two sets of 16 corx are included. One set can be used for better sensitivity and two sets can be used even more sensitivy when applying two corx per pad.

Our Pad Corx use the original design of the pads by utilizing the squared pad triggers. These corx fit directly on the "pad side" of the sensors, not on the actual pads.

We also have these for all the other Akai MPC units as well. To complement these you may want to buy the Thick Fat pads on our site.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not endorsed or made by Akai and it could void your warranty (if still under warranty).  Using two sets can raise the chances of double triggering on the pads.

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