Platinum Percussion - MPC Sample Kit


Platinum Percussion - Percussion Samples from all Continents incorporating a vast and diverse array of percussive samples from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Native America (USA), the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Far East.

Beautifully recorded with high end microphones and dynamics and mastered to perfection this percussive sample library of 394 samples opens the door to huge scope, rich textures and musical diversity.

Instruments include:

Bamboo, Shakers, Tabla, Bata, Bell, Boba, Clav, Conga, Darabuk, Davul, Djembe, Gord, Kroboto, Nagareh, Shek, Sticks, Guiro, Castanet, Triangle, Tambourine, Piatti, Timbale, Chakoa, Edaka, Ghatom, Kanjara, Rattle, Caxere, and many many more wonderful percussion instruments from around the world. 

All samples have been organised into continents and come with program files for quick loading and preview. Available instantly after purchase and compatible with all MPCs and any sampler that can read WAV files. 

(Thanks to Ryan Mead for the excellent mp3 product demo)

Technical Specification:
  • Samples: 394 percussion samples
  • Format: Contains WAV and MPC SND versions of all sounds and PGM files that auto-assign the sounds across the pads.
  • Compatibility: All MPC models, all versions of JJOS, NI Maschine and any software sampler and DAW.  
  • Sound Design/Publisher: Eddie Bazil
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Delivery: available instantly via email
  • Price: $29.99