Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC


You can create great beats using only your MPC, but introduce a computer DAW into your studio and you really can take your production skills to the next level with quality software instruments, hard disk recording, advanced sequencing and pro-level mixing & mastering tools.

'Using Logic Pro with the Akai MPC' is a micro-book written specifically for MPC beat makers who wish to integrate Apple's Logic Pro in their studio, giving them instant access to a huge range of sounds for their MPC beats and a professional recording and mixing environment to give their music that professional edge.

Inside we quickly unravel the common problems MPC users experience with Logic:

  • Initial hardware and software set up
  • Using Logic as a sound module for your MPC
  • Syncing Logic with the MPC (with the MPC as either master or slave)
  • Recording and importing your MPC sequences to Logic as MIDI
  • Tracking and importing your MPC beats as audio

In this new 2nd edition of the book, you'll find 116 pages of tutorials written in a clear, step-by-step style with screenshots and example project files for the following MPCs:MPC1000/2500/5000/500/2000/2000XL/4000/3000/60 as well as full examples for JJOS Free/OS1/OS2/OSXL, so no matter which hardware MPC you run, you'll be syncing it with Logic in no time!

The included project files let you recreate all the examples in the book in both your MPC and Logic – also included is a Logic template that automatically sets up everything you need for Logic to be a sound module for your MPC.

Digital eBook Bundle Included!

Easily read your book anytime, anywhere - your download now includes PDF, EPUB and MOBI versions of the book, making it fully optimised for iBooks (iPad & iPhone), Kindle, and all other ereaders and smartphones, with of course full support for all computers, laptops and tablets.

This book keeps everything as simple as possible – there’s no unnecessary jargon and no need to use Logic’s scary ‘Environment’. Just all the important information you need to get you up and running quickly and effortlessly so you can use Logic’s stunning software instruments and mixing environment with your MPC. 

Please note that this book is not compatible with the MPC Ren/Studio/Element.

Technical Specification:
  • Contents: 116 page PDF Micro-ebook, plus example tutorial files
  • Format: PDF, Logic project files & MPC Project files (PRJ)
  • Compatibility: MPC1000/5000/500/2500/2000XL/2000/4000/3000/60, Akai and JJOS & Logic 9 or greater
  • Publisher/Sound Design:
  • Delivery: available instantly via email
  • Price: $19.99