Using The Akai MPC With Ableton Live


Using the Akai MPC With Ableton Live' shows you the ins and outs of using your MPC with the most unique music creation application on the planet - Ableton Live!

This 120 page ebook covers all the skills you need to use Live with any standalone hardware MPC, be it writing and mixing down your beats in the studio or controlling Live's clips and scenes with your MPC pads & Q Links for scintillating live performances. No waffle, no jargon - just clear, easy-to-follow tutorials covering everything you need to know including:

  • Using Live as a sound module for your MPC
  • How to sync Live with your MPC using MIDI clock and MTC, with the MPC as either master or slave
  • Tracking MPC sequences as both audio & MIDI directly into Live
  • Using the MPC pads to creatively launch clips
  • Using the Q-Links to control Live's dials and sliders (JJ OS2/XL & MPC4000 only)
  • All required MIDI and audio hardware set up instructions

Each tutorial contains practical, step-by-step examples, with clear MPC and Live screen shots, handy-hint boxes, and all the project files you need to recreate the tutorials in both Live and your MPC!Download the full chapter listing here.

Examples are included for the following MPCs: MPC1000/2500/5000/500/2000/2000XL/4000/3000/60as well as JJOS Free/OS1/OS2/OSXL, so whichever hardware MPC you use, you'll have all the information you need to get up and running in no time.

Digital eBook Bundle Included!

Easily read your book anytime, anywhere - your download now includes PDF, EPUB and MOBI versions of the book, making it fully optimised for iBooks (iPad & iPhone), Kindle, and all other ereaders and smartphones, with of course full support for all computers, laptops and tablets.

'Using the Akai MPC With Ableton Live' is absolutely essential reading for the next generation of MPC producer seeking to completely transform their creative workflow, both in the studio and on stage. Will be emailed in approx 24 hours or less.

Please note that this book is not compatible with the MPC Ren/Studio/Element.

Technical Specification:
  • Contents: 120 page PDF ebook, plus example tutorial files
  • Format: PDF, Ableton Live project files & MPC Project files (PRJ or APS/ALL)
  • Compatibility: MPC1000/5000/500/2500/2000XL/2000/4000/3000/60, Akai or JJOS & Ableton Live version 8.13 or greater
  • Publisher/Sound Design: Andy Avgousti (MPC-Tutor)
  • Delivery: available instantly via email
  • Price: $19.99