Akai MFC42 Analog Filter Module - With Mounting Kit - USED

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This is a used rare MFC42. Its in great shape and includes the mounting brackets for the MPC and all cables needed.

The Akai Professional MFC42 Analog Filter Module features 1 x stereo and 1 x mono filter channel which can be controlled independently, linked together or inverted. Each channel is selectable between any one of four filter types: Low pass, High pass, Band pass and Notch. The stereo channel features dual 2-pole or 4-pole filters and the mono channel has 2-pole, 4-pole or 8-pole selectable filters (maximum combination: four 2-pole filters total). Both channels have independent input trim and programmable output level controls. The mono channel has an additional Pan control.

The MFC42 offers a modulation section with multi-waveform LFO and ADSR Envelope generator that can be used to modulate the cutoff and/or resonance of either the stereo or mono channel, with a programmable depth control. The LFO can also modulate the L/R phase of the stereo channel.

The speed of the LFO can be controlled via the Rate knob, the Tap Tempo key, and it can be synchronized to external MIDI clock. A manual Trigger button engages the envelope generator which has independent controls for attack, decay, sustain & release. Alternatively the MFC42 can have its envelope triggered via incoming MIDI notes on a specified MIDI channel or cyclically by the LFO clock.

Effects include Distortion with depth control, analog stereo Phase Shifter with speed and depth controls and Master EQ with separate Low & High controls.

Almost all the knobs and keys of the MFC42 send out and receive MIDI Control Change data, recording the movement of each knob/button to an external sequencer for complete automation.

The input/outputs accept mono/stereo line or phono level signals via grounded RCA connections.

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