Roland SP-404SX / SP-404 (OG) / SP-404A - MFX Set Pad Set Replacement Rubber


Roland SP 404SX / SP 404 (OG) / SP 404A - Rubber Thick Fat Pad Set Replacement Upgrade - For the MFX, Isolator, DJFX Looper, Delay, Voice Trans , Filter Plus Drive upper pad set.


These pads allow light to pass through just like the originals - the black pads shine through on just the numbers (as pictured). These pads are 1.5mm taller and give an overall better feel to the pads. These pads are also slightly softer than the original pads. For the ultimate look and feel, the MPCstuff thick pads are a must for the iconic SP404.




These new style pad upgrades will provide a very stable, thicker, and slightly softer pad for your Roland SP404. They offer clear bottoms so they will allow light to go through them, just like the original pads. The install will only take about 30-60 minutes and requires very little expertise -- see video below (or visit our YouTube page here: for install. The pads are available in various colors, only available from!


If you need the lower pads you can find them here -

Included Parts:


  • Rubber Pad Set For Top 6 buttons - Choose color above


This Part will fit:


All SP404 models

SP404 (OG)***




**Please note this part may fit other units, if you have fitment questions please email us at **




Clear Red Topped, Clear Black Topped, Black Clear Numbers, Red with clear letters




***Please Note: The design on top are like the SP404SX pads, they will fit just the same on the SP404 and the SP404A.  The only difference for the "OG" SP-404 will be some of the pad banks will not match.  The printed buttons on these pads will not change the function on the SP404 "OG", but will offer a great replacement for faded pads!
 If you have any questions about this refer to the install video or email us at


These pads are not the factory Roland parts. They are made by MPCstuff. These parts are designed and engineered to function above the standards of the originals factory pads. Please keep in mind pad feel can be a preference so the pad sensitivity settings may need to be adjusted to your overall preference.


Pads purchased from MPCstuff include a 90 day limited warranty. (if you have any questions about the warranty please contact us) 


Installation Guides / Videos:


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