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The Live Break Bundle Sample Kit - Expansion - Akai MPC Live / MPC-X - SD Card


This SD card goes direct into the MPC Live or MPC-X. The Live Break Bundle is the perfect MPC X & MPC Live Expansion for all you chopping junkies - inside you’ll find nothing but pure live breaks, all authentically recorded using vintage equipment to perfectly capture the elusive 60s & 70s drum sound. All the breaks are 100% original and completely royalty free.

The 736 breaks are taken from the following 7 sample packs:

  • Dirty Drum Breaks volumes 1, 2 & 2.5
  • Tape to Dubplate vol 3: 60s Drum Breaks
  • Tape to Dubplate vol 6: Brush Bap Breaks 
  • Tombongo Funk Sessions
  • Breaks For Beat Makers

All breaks include full BPM information (tempos range from 71 BPM up to 130BPM, with most breaks in the 80-100BPM region) and are fully tagged for use in the MPC Expansion Browser, with an installer provided for standalone mode in the MPC X and MPC Live as well as an XPN installer for the MPC Software suitable for MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio and MPC Touch (compatible with MPC Software 2.x and 1.9).