MPC 1000 Glow in the Dark Thick Fat Pad Set - Green

1K-THICK-GDG LIMITED EDITION Green Glow in the Dark thick fat pads for your Akai MPC1000 that has the pad upgrade kit installed -- they also fit the MPK61 and MPK88.  These pads are slightly translucent and glow in the dark.  

50% exclusive Akai MPC 1000 , MPK 61 and MPK 88 Extra Sensitive Thick Fat Pad Set in Glow in the Dark Green. These pads are more than 50% thicker than the standard Akai pads.

50% more sensitive...Not only do these pads have thicker top portions they also have extended sensors on the bottoms of them for the highest sensitivity available. There is no need to purchase corx for these pads because they are ALREADY built in.

These are the ultimate MPC / MPK pads. These will fit the MPC 1000 (WITH UPGRADE) , MPK 61 and MPK 88.

PLEASE NOTE: These pad sets will not fit an MPC1000 that does not have the pad upgrade kit. It will fit an MPC with the pad upgrade kit or the newest model MPC1000BK. Check out this video to see if you have the pad upgrade or not...Click to see video 

PLEASE NOTE: Like most glow in the dark items these must be "charged" in light for a bit before it will glow in the dark.  This process will have to be repeated for them to continue to glow for extended periods of time. The green color glows the brightest, the purple pads glow well also but the orange color does not glow as bright and long as the green or purple. See below... 

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